Get out of the City and Back to your Roots.

Visit us just outside of Nashville, Tennessee and discover what it means to be a traditional farmer in a modern era. Our farm tours are designed to share the unique culture that embodies the American South. We aim to connect farm-curious food lovers with farmers, ranchers, and craftspeople of rural Tennessee. Our guests see firsthand how food is grown and hear from the hard-working individuals who bring food to tables everyday.

Our family has lived and loved the land of Robertson County for generations. We know the roads winding between various family farms better than the back of our hands.

Born Here. Raised Here. We love to show off our roots.

Tours offered daily.

All tours are private. You will only be with the folks that you book and your guide.

Tennessee Farm Tour

Tennessee Farm Tour Soybean Field
Tennessee Farm

Our classic Tennessee Farm Tour, spend the day discovering the countryside, hearing stories, meeting farmers and observing parts of town known only to the locals. You are sure to meet a few colorful southerners along the way. Every trip to Nashville must experience the countryside, and this is the perfect way to do it.

Every tour is a unique experience that changes with the seasons, interests of our guests, and the weather. Our tour guides take pride in knowing the ins and outs of the community. We will visit some local farms, including Windy Acres, a USDA Certified Organic grain farm. We might also stop by tobacco farms, fruit growers, cattle farms, and hemp and indigo.

Daily tours leave from the Farm House on the Corner heading north aboard a not so shiny Chevy Suburban that our founder, Jennifer Davis says, “is dirty, but in a good way…like cool dirty” when referring to the trusty farm truck. Indulge in pure Southern hospitality on the ride out to the country.

And if you just want to ride, we will roll down the windows of the truck, turn up the radio and bring out the country spirit in your soul.

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