Rural American Farm Tour- Daily

From: $125.00


Your tour guide will pick you up a “ farm truck.”

Your guide will introduce you to the locals. You will visit several farms and meet a farmers who will “talk your ear off” about the ins and outs of being a modern farmer.

We will visit a 500 acre grain farm that is USDA certified Organic.  The farmer will talk about the particulars of being an Organic farm surrounded by conventional farmers.

Hemp Farm




We can have lunch at a few local eaterys:  Tesha’s café where Tesha and her staff prepare cafeteria meat-and-three every day for the locals.  Macaroni and cheese is a vegetable.

True’s Bar-B-Q is just next door.  Or at Thomas Drug where you can sit at the counter and have a grilled cheese and a fountain coke.  We will decide on lunch while we are riding around.

There is shopping available for those who want a piece of Tennessee history and treasure. A 20,000 sq ft building filled with jewelry, collectibles and pocketknives.

And if you just want to ride, we will roll down the windows of the truck , turn up the radio and bring out the country spirit in your soul.

You will receive a tote bag with complimentary Moon Pies, RC’s and Eater Snacks for the road.



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