Smoking Tobacco Barn Tour

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Drive through the back roads of Robertson County in the fall, and you’re sure to catch a whiff before you even begin to notice the lingering smoke coming from the many barns along the way. There’s no need to call the fire department. In fact, they’d probably give you a hard time for the undue notice.

It’s tobacco season, Y’all. 

It’s here that the world considers the mothership for dark fired tobacco. Dark fired, or what some call wrapper tobacco, is the plant which cigar and pipe tobacco come from. It’s what folks like L. J. Peretti have traveled to this part of the Tri-Star State for more than a century.   

Here at Rabbit Circle, we believe this time honored, autumn tradition should be preserved in the minds and hearts of all who seek an honest story about our agricultural heritage. It’s how farmers from all walks of life kept the lights on, so that they could put food on America’s table.

See for yourself by booking a tour today.

Daily tours leave from the Nashville Farmers Market at 10am heading up to Cross Plains aboard a not so shiny  Suburban that our founder, Jennifer Davis says, “it’s dirty, but in a good way…like cool dirty” when referring to her trusty farm truck. Indulge in pure Southern hospitality with scratch-made fried pies and RC colas on the ride out to the country.  

You’ll tour a whole crop of barns while shaking a few farmer’s hands that raise this alluring nightshade, all the while savoring the heady scent of what we like to call “Farmers’ Frankincense”  But, don’t think you’ll walk away with local, smoky treats. The feds don’t take too kindly to us distributing free tobacco products. Instead, you’ll enjoy a truly Tennessee original “Meat and Three” form lunch at Tesha’s Cafe.

Channel your inner-shutterbug and snap away. Just make sure to tag us on Instagram #RabbitCircleTours for a chance to win your very own pair of LR King Overalls made right here in the Volunteer State. Winner announced December 1st, just in time for Santa.

Tours are 7 days per week, mid-September through mid-November (weather determined) 9am-2pm

Call if you have Questions 971-400-6240



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